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Common Adverb and Adjective Collocations
totally/ utterly abandoned
conspicuously/ entirely absent
totally abused
completely acclimatised
highly accomplished
painfully acute
rather alarmed
totally alien
completely/ utterly alone
totally anaemic
utterly appalled
heavily armed
perfectly arranged
deeply/ bitterly/ thoroughly ashamed
deeply attached
readily/ widely available
acutely/ painfully/ fully/ well aware
hideously bad
perfectly/ finely/ delicately balanced
entirely/ perfectly/ highly/ extremely beneficial
heavily/ fully booked
heavily built
hideously burnt
perfectly capable
utterly careless
heavily censored
quite/ fairly/ relatively cheap
entirely/ abundantly clear
bitterly cold
highly commended
deeply conscious
deeply conservative
highly contagious
highly controversial
highly critical
heavily/ sharply/ strongly/ widely criticised
seriously/ badly/ severely damaged
totally/ halfway decent
hideously deformed
utterly dejected
highly/ quite delighted
heavily/ highly dependent
deeply depressed
highly desirable
totally/ utterly/ completely destroyed
highly/ fully/ well developed
utterly devoted
completely/ entirely/ totally/ utterly/ radically/ significantly/ markedly/ slightly/ subtly different
bitterly/ deeply/ terribly/ extremely disappointed
utterly disastrous
hideously disfigured
deeply/greatly/seriously disturbed
bitterly/ deeply divided
completely drained
highly educated
hideously/ highly effective
totally/ acutely/ deeply/ highly embarrassed
hideously embarrassing
deeply embedded
deeply embittered
heavily embroiled
completely/ virtually empty
highly enjoyable
painfully evocative
hideously/ prohibitively expensive
seriously exposed
completely extinguished
entirely false
utterly fearless
entirely/ perfectly fitting
heavily flavoured
extremely/ fairly/ highly flexible
perfectly formed
entirely free
completely full
completely furious
utterly futile
perfectly genuine
entirely global
perfectly/ awfully/ pretty good
deeply/eternally/extremely grateful
heavily guarded
totally harmless
perfectly healthy
widely held
seriously hit
totally homogeneous
totally honest
bitterly/ openly hostile
bitterly humiliated
badly/ bitterly/ deeply/ seriously hurt
almost/ virtually identical
seriously/ critically/ gravely/ terminally ill
completely immune
seriously impaired
entirely impersonal
totally impervious
extremely important
utterly/ almost/ nearly/ practically/ seemingly/ virtually impossible
hopelessly/ totally/ wholly/ woefully inadequate
completely incapable
completely incomprehensible
totally incompetent
deeply/ greatly indebted
badly/ hideously/seriously injured
totally integrated
highly intelligent
actively/ deeply/ heavily involved
totally utterly irresistible
sadly/ utterly lacking
deeply lamented
painfully learned
highly/ hardly likely
totally logical
completely lost
painfully loud
entirely loyal
hideously lurid
hideously mangled
deeply meaningful
grossly/ highly/ seriously misleading
highly mobile
deeply/ profoundly moving
heavily muscled
completely negative
completely/ entirely/ totally new
perfectly/ totally/ utterly normal
entirely/ painfully/ totally/ immediately/ fairly/ extremely/ perfectly obvious
deeply offended
completely/ wide open
bitterly/ completely/ diametrically opposed
completely overlooked
totally overpowering
highly paid
highly personal
ideally/ perfectly/well placed
extremely/ terribly pleased
highly polished
highly political
heavily polluted
highly popular
heavily/ densely/ highly/ thickly/ sparsely/ lightly/ thinly populated
perfectly proper
heavily protected
heavily/ highly/ well/ widely publicised
highly/fully/ suitably/ well qualified
perfectly rational
perfectly reasonable
widely recognised
highly/ thoroughly recommended
highly/ widely regarded
heavily regulated
highly relevant
deeply religious
heavily represented
bitterly/ deeply/ strongly resented
bitterly resentful
highly resistant
highly/ greatly/ well/widely respected
completely revised
seriously/ fabulously rich
completely/ perfectly right
utterly ruthless
deeply rutted
perfectly safe
entirely/ perfectly/ wholly satisfactory
hideously/ badly scarred
heavily scented
painfully/ pretty self-conscious
highly/ painfully sensitive
entirely/ perfectly/ dead/ deadly serious
painfully shy
highly significant
fairly/ quite/ broadly/ roughly/ remarkably/ strikingly similar
fairly/ quite/ perfectly/ relatively simple
highly skilled
painfully slow
painfully small
heavily soiled
painfully sparse
highly specialised
totally stiff
perfectly still
perfectly/ fairly/ quite/ relatively straightforward
completely sure
totally/ hardly surprising
hideously/ badly swollen
heavily taxed
highly technical
painfully thin
seriously threatened
highly toxic
utterly tragic
highly trained
hideously ugly
totally/ utterly unacceptable
utterly unattainable
wholly unavoidable
totally unbelievable
entirely unconvincing
totally undefined
seriously undermined
perfectly understandable
entirely/ totally unexpected
deeply/ desperately unhappy
hideously unhygienic
totally unique
totally unjustified
highly unlikely
deeply unpopular
utterly unquestioning
completely untenable
quite/ slightly/ somewhat unusual
bitterly/ deeply/ terribly upset
widely used
completely/ totally/ utterly/ virtually useless
perfectly valid
highly valued
highly volatile
totally wasted
seriously/ extremely/ fabulously/ immensely wealthy
terribly worried
utterly wrecked
completely wrong